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Our Chef

How It All Began

Tynisa C. Roubideaux...

Being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) herself allows Tynisa to understand the frustration, hesitancy, and lack of knowledge surrounding healing through sustenance, which is why supplying the absolute best and healthiest choices in food for her clients is essential and what sets Food with Purpose apart from other meal planning companies.

Continuing to build on her love of creating meals- from the process of witnessing the meal come together to the joy on clients’ faces once they taste the delicious creation- Tynisa is undoubtedly reassured that she is walking in her purpose, which is to honor her clients’ needs and fill their fridge with purpose and their minds and hearts with education about why fueling their temples with these essentials will benefit their bodies in the long run.

Her ultimate goals are to pursue professional training in a certified health nutritionist program and secure a commercial location to offer meal prep services, cooking classes, support groups for those starting their weight loss/health journey and those with renal failure, diabetes and PCOS. As if that was not enough for this budding entrepreneur to accomplish, she also plans to release four ECookbooks!

Understanding that her gift of cooking and love and passion for helping others comes directly from her personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the key to Tynisa’s success. She takes the call to serve her clients seriously and knows that serving them successfully is serving Christ as well. She is grateful to her father who was the entire reason for the inception of her business. Romans 8:28 says, “All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” This scripture is special to Tynisa because from his illness not only has she been successful at helping him lose weight and lower his cholesterol, but God has blessed her hands to turn it into a business to help others, and for that she is eternally grateful.

In her spare time Tynisa loves going to new restaurants, movies, and traveling. She also enjoys going to and being active in her church and community and being with her family and loving on her three toddlers who are literally miracles!

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